Permanent Life Insurance - Dunnville

Where Can I Find Permanent Life
Insurance In Dunnville?

Many people find permanent life insurance a bit complicated and confusing. Our experts are here to help you make sense of your permanent insurance options. Located right in the heart of downtown Dunnville, we serve many of our neighbors within the town and surrounding area. It is important to us that we remain true to our small-town roots by providing customer service that makes you feel at home. Combined with our growing digital capabilities, we are excited to bring you an elite insurance experience.

Where Permanent Life Insurance
Product Is Best For Me?

When appraising your needs, we understand that it’s not a decision you take lightly. Our Hometown Life Insurance team in Dunnville recognizes that your ideal insurance balances short and long-term needs. You have to be sure that you and your family will have the right coverage when you need it most. It is our goal to understand what you are looking to protect, both now, and in the future. We can then help you find the coverage that will make certain that happens. For more information, consider speaking to a representative from our Dunnville Hometown team to discuss your options in more detail.

Do Your Life Insurance Needs
Change Over Time?

Getting married, having a child, changing jobs, getting a promotion, starting a business, and many other life events often signal a need to review your insurance needs. In each case, your lifestyle might change, and your life insurance coverage should reflect that. The change might be as simple as an address change or a beneficiary change, but, it could also require an up or down in your coverage. You may also find that your existing coverage no longer covers you for as long as you need it, so converting to a longer term or permanent policy might be required. Hometown Life Insurance in Dunnville is here to answer your questions, so you can feel confident that you are properly protected for your changing life insurance needs.

Will My Life Insurance
Premiums Increase?

All premiums are locked in for the duration you select. For example, on a lifetime payment option, you would pay the same premiums for the life of the policy. While on a “limited pay” option, you select a shorter term (say 10, 15, 20 years) and your premiums would remain the same for that entire term. At the conclusion of your limited pay term – your policy would no longer require premiums and would be considered “paid up.” A lifetime payment option would have lower monthly premiums compared to a limited pay, but they will continue for a longer period of time. In either situation, your premiums never increase!

What Happens When A Claim
Has To Be Made?

When it comes time for a claim to be made on your policy, the first step should be to contact our Hometown Life Insurance team in Dunnville. We are here to help you through the process. We will collect the details of the claim, to submit to the claims department of the insurance company for processing. Any further information, or follow up requests, will be managed by our team to assist ensure your claim is paid out as fast as possible.

Can Permanent Life Insurance
Be Cancelled?

Permanent life insurance is designed to provide protection for life. Cancelling a policy is possible, but it is important to understand and consider your options first. The premiums for your existing policy will be much lower than what you would pay in the future as you age, especially if your health declines. It is also common for permanent insurance policies to include a cash component that would be paid out at cancellation, but, it has tax implications for the owner. Before canceling your policy, speak to our  team in Dunnville to better understand your options. You may be able to use your cash value to pay premiums, take a loan against the cash value, or even withdraw a portion of the cash value while keeping the policy active.

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Copyright © 2021 Hometown Life Insurance.