Disability Insurance - Niagara Falls

Which Niagara Falls Disability Insurance
Company Is Best For Me?

Finding the right company to meet your disability insurance needs means finding a company with knowledgeable professionals that also focus on client service. Our team at Hometown has the expertise to help you make sense of your options, and unlike many other disability agencies, we have the digital capabilities to ensure that we are able to provide the highest level of service to all of our valued clients. We continually work on elevating our clients’ experience by listening to your feedback, so please tell us how we did!

What Disability Insurance Coverage Do I Need For
My Young Or Growing Family In Niagara Falls?

In our experience, many young families haven’t really taken the necessary steps to protect themselves from disability. The loss of an income could be detrimental to your current lifestyle and future plans, causing you to drain your savings, or take on a pile of debt. It may take you years to recover from this if the disability is fairly short and you can return to work quickly, or you may never be able to recover if it prevents you from working for an extended period. Proper disability insurance coverage can help you prevent that worst-case scenario by providing a monthly income to help make ends meet. We have worked with many citizens of Niagara Falls and the surrounding area to understand their group coverages and tailor an individual plan to compliment it. Don’t gamble with the future that you and your family have planned, learn how to protect yourself with disability insurance by contacting our team today!

When Should I Get
Disability Illness Insurance?

Finding yourself unable to work due to a disability can have significant short and long-term implications on your finances. You may find that you are unable to meet your monthly expenses and debt payments, which may result in changes to your lifestyle, or taking on additional debt. Your retirement savings may also be forced to be put on hold, which can also have a lasting impact. Even if you are able to return to work eventually, you are at risk of a future disability, but it may be even more difficult to get coverage based on your history. All of these possibilities indicate that it is important to consider disability insurance if you earn an income from working. Our Hometown representative work to provide residents of Niagara Falls and nearby cities with personalized plans, so contact our team to see for yourself how we can help.

Will My Disability Insurance
Premiums Increase?

When you apply for your policy, your premiums are locked in for the duration of your policy at the base level of coverage you select. If you decide to increase your coverage amount with the future insurability option, your monthly premiums will be adjusted based on your new coverage level.

How Are My Disability Insurance
Premiums Calculated?

When you select your disability policy, you will choose the coverage amount, term, waiting period and any riders that fits your needs. In addition, your application will disclose your personal details including age, gender, employment, health, medical history, lifestyle, and smoking status. The combination of these factors will help the underwriter determine your monthly premium from the level of risk you pose. Your coverage amount will also be capped at 80-90% of your after-tax working income, to ensure you have incentive to return to work.

Is There A Cost To Get A Quote And Apply For
Disability Insurance In Niagara Falls?

No, there is no direct cost to you at any point in the quoting, application or medical underwriting stages. Your one and only cost as the policyowner will be the monthly premiums you pay to activate and maintain your policy’s good standing.

How Does
Underwriting Work?

Due to the number of potential pre-existing conditions, and the overall complexity of disability insurance compared to other types of insurance like life insurance, the underwriting process typically takes longer. However, you don’t have to worry, the time spent in underwriting has no effect on the resulting premium. The information you disclosed in your application determines the risk. Your policy will be in your hands before you know it!

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