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Where Can I Find Critical Illness
Insurance In Welland?

It is not only important to protect your family with life insurance, but also with critical illness insurance in case you are diagnosed with a critical condition. Critical illness (CI) insurance provides financial protection in the form of a one-time, tax-free, cash payment, so you and your family aren’t forced to make difficult sacrifices. Our Hometown team of licensed professionals serves Welland and the surrounding area, with valuable advice and support for your CI needs. Quickly and easily get a quote for your desired coverage before applying. We are here to make it easier than ever to secure critical illness insurance coverage to protect your loved ones, so contact us today to get started!

Which Critical Illness Insurance
Product Is Best For Me?

Now that you have found Hometown, you’ve actually done the hard part of finding the right coverage. Working with our team means that you don’t have to find coverage alone, we are here to assist you as you evaluate your options and search the market for the right fitting coverage. Critical illness insurance provides you with a one-time, tax-free, cash payment, protecting the financial security of you, and your family, so you can focus on your physical and mental recovery. You can find more details on our critical illness insurance page, or get in touch with our Welland Hometown team to get started!

Do Your Critical Illness Insurance
Needs Change Over Time?

If you already have critical illness insurance, it is important to remember that your needs will change. Throughout your life, there will be a number of significant moments, such as a career change, a promotion, getting married, having a kid, purchasing a home, or even starting a business. At each of these moments, and too many others to name, your needs may change. If upon review your needs remain the same, you will have that peace of mind. If your needs have changed, you have the opportunity to decide if you would like to adjust your coverage accordingly. Perhaps you started with a shorter-term policy that covered you for a 10 year period, but now you may need coverage that will last until age 75, or even for life. Our Hometown team can help you evaluate and meet your changing insurance needs.

Will My Critical Illness Insurance
Premiums Increase?

Your critical illness insurance premiums will not increase for the term you select. For example, you may select a policy that has a 10-year term, which means that your premiums will remain the same for 10 years. If you select a longer coverage period like term to age 75, your premiums will not increase for the life of your policy. With any term CI policy, you have the option to convert to a longer term or permanent coverage, which would then lock in your premiums based on the length of the new policy. Once you have coverage, the best part is that you can convert, without additional medical underwriting, to ensure affordable, life-long coverage, for you and your loved ones.

What Happens When A Claim
Has To Be Made?

At the time of claim on a CI policy, contact our Welland Hometown Life Insurance team. We understand that getting diagnosed with a critical illness can be a shock and cause stress for you and your family. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you by gathering the required details and submitting the claim to the insurance company for you. This allows you to focus on your recovery, while we focus on getting your claim paid out as quickly as possible.

Is There A Cost To Get A Quote And Apply
For Critical Illness Insurance In Welland?

The cost of getting a quote and applying for critical illness insurance is all covered for you. Actually, you won’t even pay for any additional medical underwriting or tests if required. As the policy owner, the only cost you have is the monthly premiums to keep your coverage going.

How Does
Underwriting Work?

Your critical illness insurance application begins the underwriting process. The information disclosed in the application provides details about your health, medical history, occupation, lifestyle and family history. Underwriters will take that information and determine the appropriate rating for your policy, which will determine your final monthly premium. Once that is complete, you will receive confirmation that your policy has been approved and is ready to be issued.

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